The BEselful Movement

The BEselful Movement

We are often our worst critics. We push ourselves so hard that we neglect our own well being. Whether you're working a nine to five or you're a stay at home mom, you rarely find time to take care of yourself. It's like we're looking for happiness but can't seem to find it wherever we go. Little do we know that the happiness we're looking for cannot be traveled to, consumed, or earned. The happiness you're looking for comes from within.


You see, I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia four years ago, and I have been suffering from pain ever since. The more I neglected my well being and mental health, the more pain I felt. I had to drag myself out of bed every morning to get to work only to collapse from hypotension hours later throughout the day. My body was covered in bruises from the merciless beating I inflicted upon my body just to numb the pain. From falling asleep on the toilet seat due to bladder overactivity to lying wide awake contemplating my own death, I have been through it all. It wasn't until after I experienced this psychotic episode that I had come to the realization that I need to take better care of myself.


I radically accepted that I will be in pain for the rest of my life. And if I don't properly take care of myself, I will tumble into a hole of misery. It was time that I took my power back and grabbed life by the neck and made it give me what I want. I started noticing improvements in my mood, performance, and mental health when I began to change how I view and treat myself. The statement “the change starts with you” has never been more accurate. The key to heal and lead a healthy, and happy life is to start a loving relationship with yourself. And that's where the idea of being selful was born.


I came up with the idea of BEselful while trying to heal and better myself. I was laid off from my day job as a writer and was frequently being admitted to hospitals. Nonetheless, I was hitting the gym, eating healthier, and practicing mindfulness. I wasn't going to allow the struggle of being unemployed and chronically ill get the better of me. The power of manifestation is truly undermined. The moment I began thinking positively and believing I would achieve my goals, I landed a job as a consultant and advisor to a big time real estate company in Los Angeles.


Being the only woman working alongside real estate moguls made me hungry for more knowledge and wisdom. For the sake of enhancing my skills and excelling at what I do, I enrolled in an entrepreneurship course with an E commerce specialist who basically encouraged me to start my own business. I had the eureka moment halfway through a session where I was asked what business I would like to start to which I answered, “how about a selfcare box?”


That’s when it hit me. My tutor and I exchanged “oh my goodness” looks, and I instantly got started on the BEselful project. It was a moment where I looked back at the painful years I have gone through and gave thanks to the woman they shaped me into becoming. I understood pain and the importance of self-care to assuage the degree of pain. My understanding of the latter would later on help me embrace and guide those who are struggling under the same circumstances as me. Self-care is a universal term that should be used and implemented more often in our daily lives. Whether you are in pain or just exhausted, self-care is always the answer.


I put together a box with some products I use myself whenever I used to experience flare ups or pain episodes. One of these products is the herbal compress ball, which I use whenever I have severe pelvic cramps. Another product is the daily planner/ to-do list notebook, which I use late at night to plan the upcoming day to ensure maximum productivity. On days when I used to look tired and pale, I used a glow serum - of my creation - to bring some color to my lifeless complexion. If you closely examine the products listed above, you’ll notice that each belongs to a different category, all of which are under the umbrella of self-care. That being said, the self- care box by BEselful would include products that help you improve in all areas of your life. The message behind this self-care box would be: In this box, you'll find the tools and products necessary for practicing self-love and self-care. Nothing says I love you better than “Here’s a self-care box; I want you to take care of yourself for me.”


Taking care of our own wellbeing is not a task that we often prioritize. Why? Either because we think we don’t deserve it or we simply don’t know how to go about it. We know how much better our lives would be if we took care of ourselves, but most of us lack the knowledge and inspiration that enable us to rightfully practice self-care.

My brand, BEselful provides you with products and lifestyle advice to help you take better care of yourself, relax, and recharge when the going gets tough. We know self care plays a huge part in your life. That is why we believe you deserve the best. Not only do you deserve it, but more importantly, you need it! Be kind to yourself by reading through our posts providing tips on self care. Be well. Take good care of yourself. And BEselful.

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