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BEselful Barbie kit

BEselful Barbie kit

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Are you ready to transform into a BEselful Barbie? We know you are! We’ve curated the ultimate Barbie themed self-care package to help you prioritize self-care and wellbeing. With Barbie as your guide, you'll get to discover the power of self-love and the importance of taking care of yourself.

The BEselful Barbie kit  is priced at 69$ and includes the following:

1. Sun soakup: sunscreen 
2. Bronze babe: tanning oil
3. Salt babe: pink himalayan sea salt 
4. BEselful Headband
5. Mirror me: portable heart shaped mirror
6. BEselful Bandana
7. Brush me: comb
8. Skincare pouch
9. Grande rose booster: rose water face mist
10. Pucker up: lip balm
11. The selful journal: mini mood tracker

Embrace your inner princess, pamper yourself, and let the magic of Barbie transport you to a world of selfulness.
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