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Slay Face - 100 mL

Slay Face - 100 mL

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Our gentle facial foaming cleanser is formulated with natural ingredients to draw out impurities and deep cleanse pores without stripping the skin of its moisture. 

Slay face comes with a silicon brush that removes complexion-dulling impurities and leaves your skin feeling fresh, exfoliated, and balanced.


Lavender essential oil, oxygenated aqua rose water, glycerin, tea tree oil, aloe-vera gel, castile soap.


  • Pump out the foam and apply to wet skin through the brush nozzle.
  • Gently massage with the brush in a circular motion for a deep cleansing effect.
  • Rinse with plenty of water and then spritz some face mist on your skin for a finishing and illuminating touch.
  • Use it daily around nighttime for better and more effective results.
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