The mini snooze kit

The mini snooze kit

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We're here to help you plan that perfect self-care night to pamper yourself and show yourself some much-deserved self-love!

Indulge yourself with all these self-care goodies that are curated to help you get a restful good night’s sleep. 💤🌙

Our sandman- approved mini snooze kit is priced at ONLY 29.5$ and includes the following:

1. BE sleepy - eye mask ➡️ to help you get some shut eye. 
2. BE eyesome - under eye serum ➡️ promises you a refreshed awakening 👀
3. Being selful at night - notebook ➡️ allows you to vent and let go before you sleep📒
4. BEselful headband ➡️ allows you to perform your nighttime skincare routine more comfortably 🧴

Gift yourself or a lucky recipient the best in self-care! Rest easy and sleep selfully with the BEselful’s mini snooze kit ❤️

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